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Treat yourself or a loved one with a piece of cultural heritage this Christmas whilst saving the earth's resources. We have a variety of unique vintage gifts including antique silver and gold jewellery. If you'd like any further information about any of our items please phone or email us, we're here to please! Our vintage gifts can enhance your interior design ideas. We can also source vintage stock to suit your personal needs. We are an online vintage store and trade at selected vintage fairs. We can deliver vintage furniture items within the Gtr. Manchester area. Please see our links page for NHS staff & British Forces discounts. Please contact us for international postage.


A selection of our gifts:


What our customers say:

The Greist overcaster arrived today. It's made for Singer 66! :-) Gosh, I'm happy. Arrived promptly (9-days), and exactly as pictured. 6-Stars, 5 isn't enough. Integrity plus. Thank you Vintage Gift Shop. Kirk - California, USA

Fantastic feedback for the amazing 50s pocket ashtray. It's sooooooo sweet! <3 Margit We - Stuttgart Germany

It's lovely (cigarette case) and I gave it to my fella and he was very chuffed so thank you! Jessie - Oxfordshire UK

1931 Max Factor Booklet: Thanks so much the booklet arrived and it is amazing!! Kitty  - New South Wales Australia

Lovely threepenny bit bracelet - looks great. Quick delivery too :) :) Lynda - Saddleworth UK